Various Art Projects for Children and Adults

Apart from the ongoing art techniques and courses provided for the students at the Visual Arts and Printmaking for All Blog, the club also offers the possibility of actively engaging in numerous projects, with various subjects and characteristics, all based on visual arts. This page offer users a brief coverage of the said projects and their possibilities for enrolling in such undertakings.

Constantly engaging the visual arts club participants into projects was one of the main ideas behind the club itself, and its founding members and actual tutors have ensured that everyone has the opportunity to enroll in at least one project during their membership at the club.

Being divided into several categories, the projects are offered for both children and adults, this way, everyone gets the chance to be actively involved in art projects. Spanning from simple projects such as drawings or basic printmaking for children, to more complex undertakings, such as large scale printmaking and even sculpting for adults, the projects are designed in such a way that most people will be able to find their preferred niche quite quickly.

All that the participants need to do is to enroll in their preferred area – relief printing, intaglio, lithography for adults; or painting and entry level printmaking for children, and the tutors will provide them with a working schedule, steps to be taken, targets, and other resourceful insights that might prove to be of value for each individual.

The resulting art work is then exhibited in the studio for a period of up to three months, depending on the individual’s preference. in addition, external collaborations are also encouraged. To this end, students and participants are allowed to seek sponsorship for their projects and dedicate their creations for various purposes. Furthermore, they may be of particular interest for certain companies.