Learn More About Visual Arts and Printmaking for All Blog

On this dedicated page, people will be able to find more information regarding the visual arts club, its founding members, aims and even future prospects.

Initially founded as a small-time venue without any profit, the club encompassed five members, all graduates of Art School, each specializing in a different particular craft, such as general painting, printmaking, etching, etc. Seeing as visual arts in general were somewhat of a less known subject in the area where the artists lived, they decided it was a good time for them to put to good use their knowledge and form an arts club, where everyone could attend and come into contact with art.

Currently having numerous students enrolled in various courses, the club serves both children and adults and during the years, the artists have perfected their workflows and have striven to deliver only the best possible learning outcomes.

The tutoring at the club is divided among the various art disciplines, but by far the most prominent ones are the printmaking, etching and the study of visual arts in general. Having the ability to express their feelings through art has made more and more people come and join the club’s educational demeanor and their passion for the visual arts never ceases to amaze the founding members, driving them to offer even more information as time goes by.

Offering both introductory and advanced courses, the club also addresses arts and visual arts in particular from both a theoretical and a practical standpoint. This practice has proven to be the best approach by far, as it allows the participants to become acquainted with the theoretical knowledge first and then put to practice all the learned notions and knowledge, by creating various art pieces and enrolling in exciting projects.

No matter the age, skill level or even nationality, all people are welcome on the blog’s website, where they can learn more about the club’s characteristics and even decide in starting to practice an art form.