Getting in Touch with the Artists

All those who are interested in visual arts and especially printmaking, will find this blog a quite useful tool in helping them become acquainted with what each printmaking technique entails, and what the different elements offered at the visual arts club and its corresponding studio consist of. The founders of the club and blog welcome everyone to contact them with inquiries regarding art in general, or visual arts and the more detailed techniques such as relief printing, intaglio or lithography.

In recent years, the interest in printmaking has risen considerably, and more and more people are becoming drawn to this unique art form, precisely because of its particular characteristics and the way it requires a different approach compared to other techniques.

Establishing this blog and setting it apart from other websites as a place where such printmaking aficionados can stay up to date with information, read about each technique, or browse the art creations which have emerged at the visual arts club, was one of the initial thoughts of the blog’s administrators.

The ability to provide useful information for all those who are interested in printmaking or other forms of painting or sculpting can only bring joyfulness to those tutoring the different techniques at the visual arts studio, as they know that in doing so, they are helping numerous people learn more about visual arts and printmaking.

Keeping close to those who are interested in printmaking is very rewarding, especially since the community of such artists is ever-growing. Therefore, the founders of the Visual Arts and Printmaking for All Blog, encourage everyone to have a look at the numerous pages of the blog, get to know more about the different techniques, learn about the benefits of practicing arts, or seek guidance for deciding what art form they could pursue in their spare time.