Art as a Way of Life – Visual Arts Studio

One of the main topics of discussion presented on this blog, is the ability of dealing with visual art and art in general, as a way of life, as seen by the founding members, their students, and even aspiring practitioners. The art studio where all of the club’s activities are carried out represents the “central hub”, where all projects and art objects are imagined, developed and finalized. Serving as a great home for both the tutors and the students attending the art club, the studio has managed to become like a nursery where talents are born.

All those who attend the club and practice painting, printmaking, or other art forms, have become accustomed with the comfortable and cozy atmosphere offered at the studio, which, directly or not, has made art an important part of their lives.

Being decorated in a lavishing art nouveau style, the studio presents its users with a truly welcoming environment, which was purposefully designed for maximizing inspiration, productivity and excitement, at the same time offering its participants a place for exchanging ideas, thoughts, art techniques, and other relevant aspects.

Having numerous students, far more than the studio can accommodate simultaneously, the club has its very own timetable. This represents the decisional tool for assigning different students to the various tutors and organizing the courses in accordance with the active attendance and other well-chosen criteria.

Things are working smoothly at the visual arts club thanks to the willingness and wit of the founding members who have worked hard for creating what is today, one of the best art teaching venues of its kind.

Truly exciting, the dynamic art techniques and courses presented at the club will surely attract numerous people, both for their diversity, as well as for the very inspiring way the tutors are presenting them.